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Dmitry Zelenkovskiy


Silicon Valley, Bay Area


2004-2008 St.-Petersburg State University. Postgraduate student. Ph.D thesis subject: "Max-Flow search algorithm optimization". Ph.D is incomplete.

1999-2004 St-Petersburg State University. Faculty of Mathematics & Mechanics. Applied Mathematics department. Diploma with Honor.

1996-1999 Private School with mathematics specification in Sosnovy Bor.


Experienced software enthusiast with ability to think in terms of product. Capable of creating a team or helping existing team to focus on results. Hands on software developer, open-source for business advocate and entrepreneur.

  • Making complex things simple
  • Applications with rich UI
  • Algorithm Optimization

Specialties: Open source, Networks, Linux, Web and Mobile Marketing


LG Electronics (2014-nowday)

WebOS on smart TV, create stunning UI for next generation of LG Smart TV with Qt, QML and OpenGL.

Supported platforms: WebOS, Linux

Role & Responsibilities:
SCRUM master & software developer, facilitating daily SCRUM activities, tracking dependencies, helping team members to achieve goals. Sharing critical development tasks and do innovation studies. Serial Hackathon winner.

Used tools: C/C++, Qt/QML, JavaScript, Linux, GIT, Atlassian Suite
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Seed4.Me VPN (2013-nowday)

Co-founder of Seed4.Me Inc. A VPN service provider with global server infrastructure in more then 15 countries around the world. Provides a secure Internet connection in public places for more then 1M users.

Supported platforms: Windows, Linux, MacOS, iOS, Android

Role & Responsibilities:
Bootstrapping the company from the ground zero and growing it up to the team of 5 people. Scaled distributed VPN server network to handle hundreds of terabytes data flow per month.

Used tools: Bootstrap, CakePHP, MySQL, FreeRadius, VirtualBox, C/C++
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Here/Nokia Maps Core (2013-2014)

Developing tools for processing map data in the cloud. parallel computing of "big data", diff/patch algorithms, statistics.

Supported platforms: Windows, Linux

Role & Responsibilities:
Algorithm development, performance optimization, release cycle and configuration managment.

Used tools: C/C++, Mercurial
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Nokia Car Mode (2012-2013)

Bringing mobile experience to the Car. Developing new technology to extend car connectivity using Windows Phone in new Nokia products.

Supported platforms: Windows Phone, MeeGo

Role & Responsibilities:
Team lead and scrum master of the Car Mode project. Technical advisory, architecture and development. Configuration managment, integration and Scrum planing.

Used tools: C/C++, Qt, DBus, Scratchbox, GIT, ScrumWorks Pro
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Nokia N9 FM Radio (2012)

Private project FM Radio is the best selling application for Nokia N9 phone. It unlocks FM receiver functionality and allows to record radio broadcasts.
Application supports two skins, automatic channel scanning, unlimited number of favourite channels, loudspeaker mode, tuner control with headset and etc.

Supported platforms: Nokia N9

Role & Responsibilities:
Design and promotion, technical advisory, testing and requirements management. Support during full application life-cycle.

Used tools: Photoshop, Web Analytics, HTML, PHP, C/C++, Qt/QML, Gstreamer, GIT.
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MeeGo Platform Development (2010-2012)

Nokia and Intel announced MeeGo platform as the cutting edge technology in the mobile industry. MeeGo takes all the best from Moblin and Maemo platforms and provdies: acceleated, gesture oriented user interface; web browsing experience; real-time communications; social networks integration; PIM management and much more...
Multimedia Messaging is one of key features in the whole platform. Implementation requires low level protocol development, integration to the Real-Time Communication Framework and rich experience UI development as well.
Source code quality was another goal of the project. To achieve that goal comprehansive unit test coverage has been developped. Verification of proper client signaling, message PDU parsing and work of transmission queue was done automatially.

Supported platforms: MeeGo (Harmattan)

Role & Responsibilities:
Architect, team lead and scrum master of the MMS project. Technical advisory, architecture and development. Configuration managment, integration and Scrum planing. Certified Scrum Master.

Used tools: C/C++, Qt, DBus, Scratchbox, GIT, ScrumWorks Pro
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Maemo Platform Development (2008-2010)

Maemo is an Open Source operating system based on Linux. Attractive UI and feature rich functionality. Last official Maemo release 5.0 with codename Fremantle has full internet browsing support, Skype, Gtalk and SIP integration, flexible PIM management, email application, synchronization with Microsoft Exchange server support and many other features.
Nokia actively drives Maemo developer's community and promotes open source way of doing software. A lot of third party applications are developed for Maemo or ported from existing Linux distributions by community members.

Supported platforms: Maemo 5.0 (Fremantle), Hardware N900

Role & Responsibilities:
Supporting E-mail backend component and platform integration, Developing and improving quality of Synchronization Framework, System wide performance analysis and optimization, Power consumption analysis and optimization.

Used tools: C/C++, Qt, QMF, Scratchbox, GIT.
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Motorola Bluetooth (2006-2008)

Motorola Bluetooth is a complete Bluetooth 3.0 protocol stack for PC with 19 supported profiles. It successfully passed Bluetooth qualification and Microsoft driver certification. Motorola Bluetooth has better throughput and power consumption then main competitors like WIDCOMM, IVT, Toshiba and Microsoft. Software introduces outstanding rich GUI interface with function oriented approach. It hides all Bluetooth complexity from the user and provides simple and clear way to send files, print images, answer phone calls, listen to music and getting internet access.

Motorola Bluetooth is an award winning solution, recognized by Bluetooth SIG as the Best Bluetooth 3.0 software for PC. See data sheet for more information.

WKD, COM, ATL, STL, ActiveX, JavaScript were used as main development tools. Following techniques were used: design-patterns, RAII, multi-threading, unit-testing, self-documented code, IPC and some others.

Supported platforms: Windows XP(x32/x64), Windows Vista(x32/x64), Windows 7(x32/x64). About 30 supported languages.

Role & Responsibilities:
Project Technical leader. Making architectural decisions, negotiations with customer on technical topics, configuration management, software development, driver development.

Used tools: C/C++, STL, MFC, ATL, COM, WDK.
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Motorola Messenger Modem (2005-2006)

Motorola Messenger Modem is a software VoIP router. It allows VoIP call forwarding from internet to PSTN and vice versa. It has flexible voice menu and nice GUI. Project consists of two parts: application and driver.

Driver is responsible for audio stream forwarding and phone line management (dialing numbers, answering, homologation and etc.)

Application is responsible for call signaling, voice services (like answering machine, mail box, call waiting and etc.) Also application has fancy GUI which allows forwarding rules manipulation, event log examination and etc.

Qt library was used as a main tool for development. Following techniques were used: design-patterns, event-driven programming, multi-threading, localization (up to 8 supported languages with Traditional and Simplified Chinese), Qt Plug-ins, Qt-Styles, Qt-XML, IPC, self-documented code.

Supported platforms: Windows XP(x32/x64), Windows Vista(x32/x64), Windows 2000(x32).

Role & Responsibilities:
Technical Leader. Responsible for application development. Making architecture decisions, configuration management, application development.

Used tools: C/C++, STL, MFC, Qt, MSXML, SkinCrafter.
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SoftDSL (2004-2005)

SoftDSL is a software implementation of low-level protocols for ADSL lines. It is formed as ordinary ATM NDIS driver for Windows. Purpose of the project provides soft ADSL modem with following features support: G.Lite+ modulation, ATM, QoS, PPPoATM, IPoATM.

Role & Responsibilities:
Software Developer. Network protocols stack development, DSP algorithm development, driver development.

Used tools: C, DDK, MS Build tools.
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AltiVec project - software optimization (2003-2004)

AltiVec is a SIMD extension for PowerPC G4 processor. Project was intended for promoting AltiVec technology on embedded and desktop processor's market. Test measurements were performed on both (embedded & desktop) processor editions.

Following open source software were optimized:

  • JPEG codec (libJPEG),
  • MPEG II Layer 3 (libMPEG),
  • MPEG-4 (AVC H.264),
  • Pre-print processing (ghostscript),
  • 2D and 3D acceleration (STL frame-buffer, Mesa OpenGL).

Role & Responsibilities:
Software Developer. Algorithm development, optimization, report preparation.

Used tools: gcc, GNU Build tools, Linux (Yellow Dog)
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Site for "ROSPOL-ELECTRO" company (2002-2003)

Internet representation, production catalog and news page. This is standard version of the company site. This is a freelancer's project was first proof of self-motivation ability and quick studying potential.

Role & Responsibilities:
Requirement analysis, design, HTML coding, web programming, first-time administration.

Used tools: DHTML. PHP, MySQL, Apache.
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Formal verification of the FlexRay controller (2002-2003)

Educational project. Purpose of the project to verify and simulate behavior of the FlexRay controller in the network. Simulation was done by using C++ controller model.

FlexRay controller model describes clock mistiming in the hardware and suggests algorithm, to eliminate time difference.

After getting "Best Intern Award" was hired as an employer.

Role and Responsibilities:
Intern. Model of FlexRay controller development.

Used tools: C, VeriSoft, TAT, Telelogic TAU
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Core Competence:    
  Software Development advanced
  Agile Process & Methodology advanced
  Mobile Marketing advanced
  Lean Startup basic
  Bluetooth Protocols and Profiles advanced
  SIMD Software Optimization advanced
  GUI Design and Development advanced
  Networks and Protocols advanced
  Web Technologies advanced
  Windows Driver Development advanced
  Embedded Programming intermediate
  Digital Signal Processing basic
  C/C++ advanced
  Perl advanced
  PHP advanced
  Tcl intermediate
  Matlab intermediate
  mySQL advanced
  PostgreSQL intermediate
Operating Systems:    
  Linux(*NIX) advanced
  Win(9x/Vista) advanced
  iOS Platform intermediate
  Android Platform intermediate
  PhotoShop advanced
  MSOffice advanced


- Russian (native)
- English


Collecting music, making photos, riding bike, playing the trumpet and the guitar.

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